Anvil Pressing:  Simple, Fast, Inexpensive - and Underutilized

Anvil pressing is the simplest and most economical high-speed method of compacting powder parts. Anvil Pressing is a ”natural” for parts with one flat side. The other side can be flat or multilevel. The part can be thick or thin, have hole, teeth, etc. Since most parts fit this category, anvil pressing can benefit a wide range of parts producers. Our patented Unitized Anvil® design combines the powder feeder, anvil and vacuum pickup into one unit which is always in contact with the die plate, and since the die cavity is always covered until part is pressed, powder spillage or blowout is virtually eliminated.





Flexibility Comes Standard with Multipak Conventional Presses 

Multipak conventional presses are designed for high-speed requirements, especially complex multilevel precision parts requiring multiple cavities.  The Multipak offers powder transfer from top and bottom punches, a pre-press with the top punch, and top punch hold-down system.  A standard removable tool set enables tool assembly to be accomplished offline with replacement and adjustment in about 15 minutes. The same tool set may be used for a wide variety of parts.

The Multipak conventional press may also be used in the “Anvil Press” mode, and a third mode which combine the “Anvil mode” and the “conventional mode” and which makes this press capable of producing carbide cutters and tool inserts that need little or no grinding.


Available Press tonnages:  2 - 6 – 16 – 35 


In the anvil-type press, tooling is simpler and less expensive. Parts are compacted against an anvil by the upward action of a lower punch (or punches). There are no upper punches and associated problems of misalignment, breakage and wear. Press setup is easy, and special skills are not required.


Available Press tonnages:  4 - 6 - 16 - 35


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