Oil Impregnation of Powder Metal Parts

The Problem:



     Powdered Metal components have a unique property that can provide an advantage over fully dense components.  Open porosity. The lower density of PM components provides open porosity that can be filled with oil.  


     Powdered Metal bushings and bearings can be impregnated with lubricating oils through a vacuum process and are generally used as an alternative to expensive rolling element bearings and bushings.  Heat produced in the components operation draws oil out of the porosity for interface lubrication. Excess oil is wicked back into the porosity through capillary action. The process provides longevity of the component and a cost competitive application. 


     The oil impregnation process is also useful in sliding or ratcheting applications.The process is can be utilized for inhibiting rust for longer shelf life and longer life in application.


     Today, a wide variety of oils are available for the impregnation process. Oils with both high and low viscosity can be impregnated.



    Sinterite's Solution:

     Sinterite designs and manufactures oil impregnation units in both single chamber and double chamber designs. Internal baskets that contain the PM components are designed to the customer’s specification or Sinterite’s expert recommendations. 


     Sinterite designs and provides special heating systems for higher viscosity oils to improve the oils flow characteristics through filters and between storage vessels. Sinterite also offers HMI (Human Machine Interface) controls on its oil impregnators to take operator influence out of the impregnation cycle by providing repeatable programmed recipes. Auxiliary stations for product staging and dumping  as well as packing tables can be provided. 





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