Gasbarre Products formed Gasbarre Furnace Group which also includes Sinterite and C.I. Hayes. The group works in harmony in each division in the design, manufacturing and servicing of industrial heat treating equipment to meet a wide range of thermal and material processing needs.


The product offerings include vacuum and atmosphere furnaces in continuous and batch designs up to 3000ºF, enabling GFG to supply the best fit solution for a customer's processing and production needs.  Continuous brazing has supported steady growth of their business activity recently. Employing engineering, technology, service, and understanding of the customer's process and commercial needs enables GFG to provide the best long term solution for their customers. 


Each company is uniquely positioned in their markets, but are brought together, when needed, to develop unique solutions for their customers' challenging opportunities. The three companies offer a product line unlike anyone else in furnace manufacturing


Continuous high temperature industrial furnaces

Sinterite, a Gasbarre Furnace Group company, designs and manufactures continuous-belt and batch furnaces for:  sintering, steam-treating, annealing, brazing, and heat-treating applications. Their High-Temperature Pusher Furnaces are available in several designs for iron and stainless steel parts (to 3,000 ºF). Exclusively manufactured, the HyperCooler, an in-line cooling systems, is used for sinter-hardening. Furthermore, alloy or ceramic muffles are available. Sinterite offers replacement muffles, powder-handling equipment, and fabrication products.


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Key Features

Continuous Belt Sintering Furnaces – Electric and Gas

Pusher Furnaces

VersaCool – Sinter Hardening Cooling System

Accelerated Delube Stations (ADS)

Fabrication Services

SINTERLOG Computerized Furnace Controller

Continuous and Batch Steam Treat Furnaces

Bulk Powder Inverters

Full Service and Support

Calibration Programs



C.I. Hayes

Industrial vacuum and atmosphere furnaces

C.I. Hayes' product line continues to grow with satisfied customers in the aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, cutlery, sporting goods and jewelry industries. Hayes can assist in developing part process parameters in our fully equipped heat treating facility. Our metallurgical laboratory can assist you with your process questions and applications regarding annealing, Nitriding, brazing (Atmosphere/Vacuum), hardening, ceramic and MIM debinding, sintering, soldering, tempering and vacuum Carburizing/Carbonitriding process questions and applications.


For over 100 years, Hayes' experience in designing and building conveyor furnaces, pusher furnaces, batch vacuum and continuous vacuum, oil and gas quench vacuum furnaces, retort furnaces and belt furnaces allows us to match the proper equipment to your application.

We have the know how, we have the expertise, we have over 100 years of meeting our customers needs.


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J.L. Becker

Industrial Heat Treating Equipment

J. L. Becker, a Gasbarre Furnace Group company, has manufactured industrial heat-treating equipment for 40 years, providing excellence in design and construction. Products including batch and continuous annealing furnaces (including powder annealing), continuous harden, quench and temper furnace lines, batch and continuous tempering furnaces, box furnaces for reheat and forging, IQ furnaces, tip-up furnaces, pit furnaces, charge cars, quench tanks, water cooling systems, endothermic, exothermic and dissociated ammonia gas generators, and parts washers. We custom engineer your equipment to your specifications, maximizing output. Our modern equipment design and state-of-the-art computer management unit offers control of processes, data acquisition, maintenance alarms and entire furnaces that will handle custom requirements.


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