Gasbarre Newly Expanded Press Maintenance Programs

Powdered metal companies can access decades of Gasbarre Products press expertise throughout the life cycle of their equipment.  Perfect for companies with limited staff, or that lack preventative maintenance experience, or for those who just want their maintenance completed by a company with four decades of press manufacturing and rebuilding experience, Gasbarre Products offers services tailored to their needs. 

With an ROI that can exceed 500% per year, press preventative maintenance is crucial to the integrity of your product and your company.  Gasbarre recognizes this, and proudly offers the following field services via a dedicated Customer Service team:


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  • Preventative Maintenance Training
    • Have the staff but not the experience?  Gasbarre can help get your team up-to-speed in the what, when and how of best practices in press maintenance to maximize your uptime.  Learn with experienced trainers from the industry leader in powdered metal presses, and let that knowledge work for you.
  • Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements
    • Maximize your company’s focus on producing quality parts by letting the pros at Gasbarre conduct regular preventative maintenance.  Gasbarre will work with you to design and implement a maintenance service agreement that hits all the important points, allowing you to focus on growing your business.  
  • Emergency Repair Service
    • When a press goes down, time is of the essence.   Gasbarre knows that, and that’s why our Customer Service team is available to get you back up and running.  No agreement required, just call.


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