Powdered metal and powdered materials are ideal solutions in the push for light weight metal manufacturing.  The LIFT partnership, established in February 2014, is leading the effort to develop and deploy advanced lightweight materials in defense, automotive, aerospace, and other weight-crucial applications.  
Larry Brown, LIFT Executive Director, spoke at MPIF’s 2014 Management Summit about the importance of ‘lightweighting’.  Powder processing has been established as one of the six “pillars” upon which LIFT is devoting substantial research.   As powdered metal increases its footprint in lightweight applications, demand for larger and more complex parts will in turn increase demand for higher tonnage and more capable presses.  Learn more about the importance of powdered metal in “lightweighting” efforts at the LIFT website by clicking here.  And to learn more about how Gasbarre can provide you with the equipment necessary to take part in this revolution, check out the article below.   



SALES of high tonnage Gasbarre presses have gained significant momentum over the last several years.  During this time, nearly a quarter of Gasbarre press shipments have exceeded 200 tons.  This growth is a result of a conscious attention to market direction, as Gasbarre responds to the needs of our customers and expands our capabilities and product offering.  The results have been rewarding for both our customers and Gasbarre.  A few product highlights:





Gasbarre’s 550 Ton and 750 Ton Multi-Action presses (2 Upper & 3 Lower levels) have incorporated a CNC controlled core rod module.  This advance increases  stripping force by nearly five times  as compared to  the traditional pneumatic core rod (23 tons vs. 5 tons).  Our hydraulic core rod has programmable force, velocity and position  - allowing it to act as a fourth lower level!  Our Multi-Action mechanical presses also have selective ejection, rounding out a very versatile and durable machine.


Throughout our entire mechanical Multi-Action and Die Set Series (2 Upper & 2 Lower levels) press lines we have designed programmable servo motor adjustments for each of the lower levels. Along with that, we have recently developed a controllable air pressure panel through our HMI.  This allows  the user to set high and low air pressure limits on any function via the HMI to create precise  setup and monitoring parameters for your part, recalled at the push of a button.


Gasbarre’s modern hydraulic presses have also gained momentum as a result of redesign and relaunch from the Best Press name to the Gasbarre name.  But it’s not just the name that has changed - newly advanced controls and improved durability has made Gasbarre Hydraulic presses a perfect complement to a formidable mechanical press product offering.  Our hydraulic presses range from 30 Ton to 1600 Ton in size, and incorporate 8 axes of CNC controlled capabilities to allow for multi-level pressing and/or multi-powder pressing.  Our CNC controls package makes safe setup very easy, and recipe recall makes it fast as well.


Our large tonnage Multi-Action hydraulic presses mold on oil.  This means that each of the levels, upper and lower, are fully programmable throughout the motion of the axis.  Each axis travels to its programmed position without a stop.  During setup, one can make on-the-fly adjustments as necessary without stopping the operation of the machine.  This added versatility saves time, money, and headache while maintaining the precise tolerances PM customers expect and demand.

AS Gasbarre continues to meet market need for higher tonnage and more capable machines, we need your feedback.  Our sales and technical personnel will continue to stay at your fingertips to help satisfy even the toughest requirements.  To contact us with requests, or for more information on any of our products, please email us at



AFTER a quality system audit performed in August 2015, Gasbarre Technologies has received its M-1003 Quality Assurance Program Certification from the Association of American Railroads (AAR). Good through August 2018, this certification applies specifically to the manufacture of tank car service equipment and the recondition/repair and qualification of tank car service equipment.


In early 2009, Gasbarre received its Tank Car Facility Registration. At that time, this registration was all that was required for us to manufacture rail car service and ancillary parts.


In 2014, the AAR began discussions and passed a new requirement that all facilities manufacturing service parts must become a certified facility. Service parts in the rail industry are established as any part that could cause a safety issue in the event of a failure or accident. The compliance of our system is audited by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).


The key elements of the system embody quality, traceability of all aspects involved in manufacturing of the parts, and safety.


This Certification, held by fewer than 700 companies worldwide, is critical to Gasbarre Technologies’ focus to become a premier supplier of service parts to the Railroad Industry.


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