Gasbarre Press Division offers the most complete line of presses and powder compaction accessory products available anywhere.
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Expand Part Production Capacity Quickly & Reliably with Gasbarre Presses

The Gasbarre Mechanical Press Family


Mechanical press offerings include the Performance Series, Die Set Series and Multi-Motion Series – a fit for any need.


Ranges from 15-750 tons, single to three lower levels.

Gasbarre Hydraulic Press


For higher tonnage with more control, simple set up and more flexibility, a Gasbarre Hydraulic press is a great fit.


Ranges from 15-1600 tons, up to five lower levels.

Gasbarre Electric Press


Combining precision with a small footprint, the Gasbarre Electric press line is unbeatable.


Available 2-125 tons, up to three lower levels.   

Gasbarre Isostatic Press


Gasbarre’s SIMAC line of dry bag cold isostatic presses for R&D and mass production range from 11,000 PSI to 35,000 PSI forming pressure and single or multi-cavity options.

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