Low Unemployment Rate Has PM Employers Scrambling

Can Automation Help?


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Those that have tried to hire recently know that it’s not as easy as it used to be. Currently, the US unemployment rate sits at 3.9%; the lowest it’s been since year 2000. The local PM tri-county area (Jefferson, Elk and Clearfield counties) unemployment rate is 4.1%.  The trend appears to be getting better…or worse, depending on which side you’re on. Manufacturing jobs are being left vacant and employers are scrambling to find solutions.


Acting now to secure your business’ future is important.  Many companies, regardless of industry, are finding that automation holds the key to long-term viability.  Robotics has seen incredible advancements over the past decade and now has the capability to handle processes that many of us could have never imagined.  Advancements include:


·   Decreased Complexity
Automation setup has traditionally been an entry barrier, one that robotics manufacturers have strived to ease through reduced and more intuitive programming

·   Vision Guidance
Robots now have the ability to see what they are doing – and that is a game-changer

·   Decreased Cost
As adoption increases, costs decrease.  Early adopters have shouldered the burden for those that follow, making now a great time to check out automation.


Automation carries obvious benefits such as lower personnel costs, higher throughput, lower incident rates and improved quality.  If you haven’t looked into it recently, the time is ripe!

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