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FEA - The Time/Cost/Quality Triple Play

Computer modelling is a critical factor in the design stage and end functionality of parts or machines. When executed optimally, it can facilitate a smooth transition to final production. Executed poorly, it can force a manufacturer to re-evaluate and revamp the final design.


As competition in the industry intensifies, speed to market, production-equivalency and the emergence of 3D printing are three increasingly common themes in the prototyping conversation.


Advanced computer systems allow one to achieve all of these using finite element analysis and other computer aided models.  For designers, project managers, and R&D mangers; FEA modelling is useful for its ability to highlight possibilities and correct potential failures while still in the CAD stage.  FEA helps ensure against risky under-design and costly over-design. 


The benefits of FEA help managers improve three key factors of success:


  • TIME:  Modelling part and/or tools will provides the ability to perform in days what otherwise takes weeks to design, approve, manufacture then finally produce.  Finite Element Modelling will give you the head start necessary to get to market quicker than the competition.
  • COST:  Through thorough review and factors of safety, the design of a first generation product has a much higher probability of success.  If the model works, it will save in second generation tool costs and the opportunity costs of tying up equipment.
  • QUALITY:  During analysis phase possible sources of part or machine failure are eliminated before productions begins.  The best scenario possible are created to provide the customer with the highest quality product.  



How Gasbarre Products Uses FEA to Deliver Value to Customers

Gasbarre engineers design our equipment for utilization well beyond our customers’ aggressive return on investment calculations.  Since 1973 we have designed and manufactured robust equipment to last a lifetime.  The fact that our serial number 2 is still in the field fulfilling production requirements is Exhibit A in support of this fact. 


When selecting an equipment supplier, capital equipment customers typically looking for a few critical factors to aid the decision process beyond price.  Two of these factors in powder compaction have to be rigidity and precision.


When designing high force machines (200 tons -1600 tons), Gasbarre uses a key principles to ensure the life of our machines meet the expectations of previous generations.  Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), we design around a safety factor of three.


With FEA, we develop sophisticated models to help us analyze and engineer products to withstand the design conditions found in customer applications. This analysis enables us to select appropriate materials and build equipment that will best hold up under extreme conditions.

Where does modeling come into play in a powder press?






  1. Frame Structure – The foundation of any machine starts with the frame.  Gasbarre uses two types of frame structures on our high force machines, straight frame sides and columns with pre-stressed tie rods.  The latter version would be used on any high force multi-level machine; two, three or four lower levels are available.
  1. Individual Platens – Each platen needs to be able to act consistently each and every stroke to ensure that your product variation is within specification.  Modeling gives Gasbarre the ability to predict conditions and adjust thickness, materials and proper guidance to ensure maximum performance.
  1. Ram Mechanism(s) – Gasbarre rams come in several varieties:  crankshaft, knuckle, hydraulic cylinder or roller screw.  Each needs to be evaluated to ensure precision expectancy throughout the life of the system.
  1. Pressure Vessels – Gasbarre pressure vessels are designed, modeled and then manufactured.  They are pre-stressed through a unique autofrettage process, which plastically deforms the id of the vessel to ensure maximum cycle life under extreme conditions of up to 40,000 PSI.


By uniting design and manufacturing under one roof, we create a seamless progression from idea to finished product. We understand the practicalities of making, installing, using and maintaining each component, and we apply that knowledge at every stage of the process.  To learn more about how Gasbarre can design your next press to outlast the competitors, give us a call today!


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