Mechanical Compacting & Sizing Presses

The Gasbarre Mechanical Press Division is an internationally acclaimed designer and manufacturer of mechanical powder compaction and sizing presses for the particulate material industries. Press capacities range from 5 tons to 800 tons. There is a variety of designs available to manufacture simple-to-complex multiple level components. Gasbarre also offers a wide range of industry related accessories including the TOPS Warm Compaction System, Die Wall Lubrication System, Fluidized Fill Shoe System, Rotary Parts Accumulators, and Gasbarre Sizing Press feeding systems. Gasbarre’s Customer Service technicians are ready to help, and support the extensive rebuild services which are offered. All of this coupled with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility provide for an unparalleled supply of equipment and services.




Hydraulic Compacting & Sizing Presses

Best Hydraulic Compaction Presses are manufactured in capacities from 15 tons to 1,200 tons for single-level or

multi-level parts for carbides, ceramics, powder metals, polymers, and other particulate material industries. Best’s

CNC Control System allows easy operation utilizing a touchscreen HMI for parameter setting and storage. This allows for remote diagnostics by Best’s Customer Service Team. Possible configurations include opposed ram with push-up ejection, or withdrawal ejection with a conventional top ram and lower ram, connected to the die platen.




High-speed, High-efficiency Presses

Gasbarre Electric Presses are manufactured for precise compaction of powder into a wide variety of geometries. A closed-loop control system allows easy operation utilizing a touchscreen HMI for parameter setting and storage, and allowing for remote diagnostics by Gasbarre’s Customer Service Team.  Each press axis is freely programmable for complete control of the compaction cycle, resulting in highly repeatable precision components.




High Speed Compacting Presses

PTX-Pentronix designs and manufactures high-speed mechanical powder compaction presses ranging from 2 to 35 tons for ceramics, magnets, ferrites, carbides, plastics, and powder metal industries worldwide. We pioneered precision anvil pressing for unprecedented accuracy, repeatability, and productivity. Also offered, is the opposed ram design that is a 3-mode press; it can press in anvil mode, conventional topdown mode, or opposed ram mode.




Isostatic Presses

Simac produces cold isostatic presses for compaction of various powder compositions. The latest technology for dry bag pressing is employed. Monostatic presses are single-cavity dry bag isostatic presses designed to cover the production needs from research development, to batch production. Densomatic presses are automatic, multi-cavity dry bag isostatic presses capable of producing different components at the same time. All Simac presses are capable of producing awide range of complex shapes or basic components from a variety of materials.

Gasbarre Press Group consists of four individual companies, with specialties ranging from mechanical and hydraulic presses, to high speed presses, as well as isostatic presses.


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