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Extremes in Powder Compaction


In the powder pressing industry it is often taken for granted that one can simply put powder in the die and compacted parts are ejected for the next process step.  While the industry has done quite well meeting the tight tolerances required by its customer base, these tolerances become an acute challenge when combined with one of the part characteristics listed below:


  • Unusually Thick
  • Extraordinarily Thin
  • Multi-Level (with or without the above characteristics)


Thick parts are not a traditional challenge unless the pressed density is critical, especially in multiple levels. Density variation can lead to differential shrinkage during the sintering process, making it difficult to engineer the final dimension of those components.  In these cases it is very useful to have the capability to manage die and punch motion to arrive at the optimum relationship for the needed density control.  Full, high speed motion control in the die plate and all punch levels is required to assure that the tool motions arrive at the same location and sequence with extremely tight repeatability. 


Thin parts have always been a challenge in powder pressing.  The material flow characteristics and small fill height to compact height aspect ratios can greatly impact part height consistency.  Compacted parts as thin as 0.18 mm (0.007 in) with a fill height of 0.36 mm (0.014 in) have been pressed in serial production but slight variations in powder bulk density, fill characteristics, or die fill positioning can have a profound effect on these thin parts.  The press needs to have the same extreme positioning precision capability for the filling and pressing positions.


Multi-level parts may require a complex die filling procedure.  The ability to dynamically modify filing position can open up a new world of product offerings, including contour filling, dynamic weight control, and multi-layer pressing.  This essentially “gears” the die place with the powder fill shoe axis.


Pressing parts in extremes is more than just pushing parts off of the die table at high speed.  As the powdered metal industry grows and continues to gain converts from more expensive metal forming technologies, what is considered extreme today will be commonplace tomorrow.   Check out this month’s article “Gasbarre Presses for Challenging Parts” (below) to see how Gasbarre helps customers meet these challenges.






Hydraulic CNC Presses

Gasbarre Hydraulic Multilevel Presses provide full motion control for the die plate and all punch levels through closed-loop controlled movements.  With modern high-speed controls, the tool motions arrive at the same location and sequence with extremely tight repeatability.  The functions can be easily accessed through the Gasbarre Hydraulic Press HMI touchscreen and managed with extreme precision and repeatability – on every press cycle.  Once the press positions the punches exactly where they need to be, the process can be further controlled by managing the tool deflection through simple program adjustments.   Gasbarre manufactures hydraulic presses from 15-1,600 Tons with up to four lower levels and up to 18” fill.  Click HERE to learn more about the Gasbarre Hydraulic Press line.




Electric Presses

Gasbarre Electric Presses take the benefits of precision, repeatability, and control of a hydraulic press and add energy savings, decreased footprint, and quiet operation to the mix - eliminating the HPU in the process.  Available from 5-125 Ton up to three lower levels, these presses offer many options, including short fill /short stroke to increase production rates in applications which require limited stripping force.  Learn more about Gasbarre Electric Presses HERE.





Fluidized Fill Shoes

To further aid customers in challenging processes, the patented Gasbarre Fluidized Fill Shoe system can help in shortening the die filling time requirements – and fill uniformity.  With precision technology coupled with a Fluidized Fill Shoe, some components can now be pressed that were not possible before.  Check out the Gasbarre Fluidized Fill Shoe HERE.

As applications for powdered metal continue to expand, demand for larger parts and increased part complexity expand as well.  Gasbarre Products has worked hand-in-hand with customers to meet these challenges with new technology and updates to existing technology.  When challenging parts are the question, Gasbarre has the answers:

Gasbarre Hydraulic Press

Gasbarre Electric Press

Fluidized Fill Shoe System


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