The Scheduler will plan and prepare production schedules for machining, fabrication, and assembly.  This will require working with sales and customer service on the front end to fully understand delivery requirements, and participation in various meetings to analyze and prioritize current and future workload requirements throughout the facility.  The Scheduler will monitor data systems to review, analyze, and resolve material orders and production issues.


  1. Organizes production schedule according to work order specifications, established priorities, and availability or capability of workers, parts, material, machines, and equipment.
  2. Confers with the production team and sales to set promise dates for new orders.
  3. Maintains, coordinates and monitors performance of the daily and weekly schedule for all areas in the shop including the review of available capacity and priorities
  4. Acts as a liaison sales and the shop floor. Confers with machinists and others to assess progress and discuss needed changes. Revises production schedule when necessary
  5. Analyzes technical manufacturing problems in the manufacture of machine parts, assemblies, fabricated and purchased items and provides solutions to maintain efficient flow of product.
  6. Ensures timely preparation and submission of status and progress reports and related data required
  7. Prepare an effective and easily understood Master Schedule and maintain knowledge of key project milestones
  8. Ensure compliance to  schedule and manage appropriation of resources required to meet on time delivery requirements
  9. Evaluate labor hours for various activities and prepare accurate reports for same
  10. Drive continuous improvement activities
  11. Identify and resolve abnormal conditions and manage communications for schedule disruptions
  12. Follows company policies and procedures including ISO and Safety
  13. Perform other duties as assigned


Less than 10% (Likely for training purposes only)


  1. Infor Visual
    1. Routings
    2. Scheduling Module
  2. Microsoft Office – Word, Outlook, and Excel
  3. Excellent communication and problem-solving skills


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