Fluidized Fill Shoe

A cooperative design with Matsys, for improved fill performance


Fill Shoe System Benefits:

• Powder flows like a fluid when supported by a column of air providing

  faster powder transfer
• Improve fill characteristics for tighter process control
• Improve weight control
• Improve size control.
• Reduce “front-to-back” density variations
• Increase filling rate for “flowable” powders
• Improve/enable flow for “non-flowable” powders
• Fill shoe is adaptable to most compacting presses and can be retrofit

  on existing installations 



System Components
Hopper: Intermediate powder storage from main hopper

Transport: Connects hopper and the delivery chute with fluidized powder flow

Delivery Chute: Maintains fluidization to the die cavity. Custom designed for specific/complex die cavity shapes to improve powder distribution over the standard gravity feed.

Gas Control: Activates and deactivates fluidization in the hopper, transport and delivery chute. Powder flow can be gated to achieve optimum fill with minimum waste. 

Fluidized Fill Shoe

Die Wall Lubrication System

Die Wall Lubrication is a method of lubricating the cavity with a dry powdered lubricant,

adhering to the die cavity by means of a static charge.


Die Wall Lube Benefits:

• Reduce or eliminate the need for lubricants in the powder mix
• Achieve higher densities and greater green strengths
• Improve mechanical/electrical properties of sintered parts
• Reduce lubricant contaminants from sintering process
• Readily adaptable to different makes/models of presses
• Maintain production throughput 




A timed pneumatic function transfers the powder lubricant particles from the lubricant hopper to the charge gun which creates a static charge on the lubricant as it passes through the gun. A second pneumatic function transfers the powder lubricant from charge gun into the die cavity. The charged lubricant particles adhere to the die cavity which is then filled with powder and compaction takes place. The part is ejected from the die, and the process repeats

Die Wall Lube System

TOPS Warm Powder Feed System

(Thermally Optimized Powder System)

Warm compaction and die wall lubrication techniques each can improve part density by up to 0.2 g/cm3, as compared to conventional die compaction.  Combining these two methods achieves greater density. The TOPS System is available in 5 or 7 zone heating configurations.


Five Zone:

1. Powder Hose

2. Fill Shoe

3. Upper Punch

4. Die

5. Spare (Die)

6. Powder Temperature (Indicator Only)


Seven Zone:
1. Powder Hose #1

2. Powder Hose #2

3. Fill Shoe

4. Upper Punch

5. Die "A"

6. Die "B"

7. Spare (Lower Punch)

8. Powder Temperature (Indicator ONLY)


• Increased density and green strength.
• Lower compaction tonnages.
• Lower ejection tonnages.
• Increased length/diameter ratios with less density gradients
• Possible elimination of the need for a double-press, double-sinter

• Reduce/elimination of internal lubricants.
• Increased density allows for green machining.
• Reduced parts scrap due to increased green strengths. 

TOPS System

Rotary Parts Accumulators

Well known for quality compacting presses and sizing presses, Gasbarre also manufactures accessories to ease day-to-day operations of production parts-making. Gasbarre Portable Rotary Parts Accumulators eliminate or reduce nicking of parts and increase productivity. Table diameters from 22 to 72 inches. 



• 2 post design available in diameters of 22", 26" & 30"
• 4 post design available in diameters of 36", 48", 60" & 72"
• Height is adjustable by hydraulic activator
• SCR speed control: 0-13 RPM
• Reversible motor and table direction
• Metal casters - 250# capacity each
• Removable parts tray
• Provides temporary parts storage
• Optional UHMW material is available to help eliminate

  any part nicking 

Rotary Parts Accumulator

Rebuild and Remanufacturing Services

Gasbarre rebuilds and remanufactures presses of many makes and models, either mechanical or hydraulic. Our new state-of-the-art rebuild facility provides large crane capacity, high pressure wash station, and track conveyor for fast and easy disassembly of components for rebuild.

Rebuilding or remanufacturing services give you the option of total and complete teardown and remanufacturing of components, or just repairing or rebuilding a portion of your press.


Contact Gasbarre’s Sales Department for a quote, or more detailed information of our capabilities.



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Gasbarre Die Wall Lubrication System

shown on a Gasbarre Powder Compaction Press