With industrial welding and fabrication services, you can secure high-quality weldments that further your company’s needs. At Gasbarre, we have the expertise, technologies and dedication to deliver the most professional and efficient weldment contract manufacturing services in Pennsylvania and beyond.

What Is Welding and Fabrication?

Though the terms “welding” and “fabrication” are not interchangeable, they do go hand in hand. Welding refers to the joining of two materials, typically metals, with similar compositions and melting points through fusion. Fabrication takes this process a step further by turning the materials into a completed product, addressing its design, layout, formation and finish. Essentially, fabrication is the full process of creating metal components from beginning to end, whereas welding is a single part of the fabrication process.

Numerous metals are shaped and formed through industrial welding and fabrication, such as:

Our Industrial Welding and Fabrication Capabilities

When you come to Gasbarre for weldment contract manufacturing, our expert technicians will work to meet your needs by producing the most professional product. Through our weldment and sub-assembly services, we take your most crucial projects into our own hands, designing, fabricating and assembling all metal components necessary for your company’s success.

Our state-of-the-art resources enable us to create durable and eye-catching weldments every time, including our full-service paint booths comprising advanced finishing technologies. We also employ a talented design and engineering team equipped with the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to meet even your most challenging requirements.

Gasbarre serves organizations from countless industries — from mining to gas to healthcare to military — and is ISO 9001:2015 certified, so you can be sure we have the experience and qualifications to serve you.

Our Custom Weldment Contract Manufacturing Services

We understand that no two companies are the same, which means every customer we meet has varying needs. That’s why we offer custom weldment fabrication services using our comprehensive array of manufacturing capabilities. When you come to Gasbarre for custom weldment manufacturing, we’ll speak with you to learn about your company’s specifications and design a solution that reflects your requirements and fits into your existing processes.

Benefits of Weldment Fabrication

Countless industries look to industrial welding and fabrication services for high-quality weldments. These age-old metalworking techniques and products come with many advantages, including:

Why Choose Gasbarre as Your Go-To Industrial Metal Fabricators?

Gasbarre has served as a trusted full-service original equipment manufacturer (OEM) since 1973, and we’re still committed to quality and reliability over 45 years later. As a family-owned company, we treat our customers like family, helping them secure high-production equipment that serves them for decades.

At Gasbarre, our services stand out. We service equipment for the life of each machine, getting to the root of any mechanical issues and repairing them as quickly as possible. Unlike other OEMs, we never discontinue products or services to push new equipment sales.

Take Advantage of Weldment Fabrication Technologies at Gasbarre Today

If you’re looking for a reliable industrial metal fabricator, Gasbarre is your solution. As Pennsylvania’s one-stop shop for full process integration, we’re the OEMs you can rely on.

To learn more about our products, call 814-371-3015 or contact us online today!

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