Heat Treat Furnace

Heat treat furnaces are industrial ovens that alter a metal’s physical and chemical properties at temperatures ranging from 1,000 to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit. These furnaces use extreme heating to perform over a dozen process applications for various industries.

Gasbarre Products Inc. is the industrial furnace manufacturer you can trust for heat treat furnace solutions. We carry various industrial furnaces customized to meet your industrial application needs.

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Search for Different Types of Heat Treatment Furnaces

When you choose Gasbarre for your industrial ovens, you’ll find dozens of high-quality products ranging from batch and continuous furnaces and beyond. We are an ISO 17025-accredited company, meaning our solutions meet strict aerospace and automotive requirements and CQI-9 and AMS2750 standards.

You can search for different heat treatment furnaces using the following fields.

Furnaces by Process

Industrial heat furnaces are available in countless configurations that take on various thermal processing applications

At Gasbarre, we have virtually limitless manufacturing capabilities that allow us to develop heat treat solutions for any industry. We can use our expertise to customize furnaces for any of the following equipment needs:

Furnaces by Process

Furnaces by Type

We carry two types of industrial ovens — batch and continuous furnaces. Each of these solutions is available in vacuum and atmosphere formats to serve your individualized machine specifications:

  • Batch atmosphere furnaces: These products are optimized for dozens of thermal applications based on your loading method, temperature, process and atmosphere requirements. Our energy-efficient solutions can be electrically heated or gas-fired and are available in both standard and custom configurations.
  • Batch vacuum furnaces: Our electrically heated batch vacuum furnaces come in various models, including front- and top-loading single chamber variations that embrace a modular design.
  • Continuous atmosphere furnaces: We carry mesh belt, roller hearth and pusher furnaces for many specialized processes. We can customize these energy-efficient ovens to your atmosphere, temperature, process and throughput specifications.
  • Continuous vacuum furnaces: These machines convert batch vacuum furnaces into straight-through models, where users load work into the entry side and unload from the exit side. Continuous vacuum ovens promote a pure and efficient system.

Furnaces by Type

Furnaces by Product

Gasbarre manufactures two product lines optimized to solve any individualized thermal processing challenge.

Atmosphere Furnaces

Industrial atmosphere furnaces provide a controlled atmosphere to promote improved surface characteristics, support various heating processes and prevent harmful chemical reactions.

Our atmosphere furnace product offerings include:

Vacuum Furnaces

Vacuum furnaces contain a vacuum that eliminates air and gas interference to heat metals with high consistency while preventing outside contamination.

We carry the following vacuum furnaces:

Furnaces by Product

Gasbarre offers a full line of press products specifically designed to help customers get more out of their equipment.

Auxiliary Equipment

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If you’re looking for an experienced industrial furnace manufacturer, Gasbarre Products Inc. is your go-to company. We service equipment for a lasting life cycle, producing machinery that lasts for up to 50 years.

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