The CI Hayes vacuum furnace with isolated gas quench is quite versatile, designed for a wide range of heat treat applications.  The gas quench module is combined with a heating module and an internal drive mechanism that provides for a fast smooth transfer of the workload.  Excellent uniformity is achievable in the heating chamber that is typically comprised of layers of graphite and/or ceramic insulation board or blanket.  Temperatures to 2400F are typical and cover many processes though higher temperature capabilities are offered.

With the inclusion of an internal vacuum door (valve section), the heating chamber may be isolated from the gas quench chamber.  Consequently, the heat chamber may remain at temperature and under vacuum during loading and unloading of the furnace.  This allows for faster floor-to-floor times and higher efficiency as only the workload is heated.  And as it is not exposed to room air and humidity (except during maintenance), the heating chamber is extremely pure.  Maintenance to the heating chamber is simplified with the provision of a rear hinged access door.

Pressure quenching is achievable with the use of internal pressure doors.  By sealing against highly machined flanges within the vessel, the pressure doors do not require external clamping mechanisms.  Depending upon the pressure rating of the quench chamber, either an internal fan with heat exchanger or an external module with fan and heat exchanger is provided.

With the addition of a loading or preheat module, the dual chamber vacuum furnace may be converted to a Continuous Vacuum Furnace.

Metallurgical Processes

  • Annealing
  • Brazing
  • Hardening
  • Quenching
  • Sintering

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