Powder compaction presses compress metal powders using a compaction molding technique that condenses powder compounds into complex shapes, producing functional, structurally sturdy metal parts. Powder press machines use a rigid toolset, a ram or a die to apply downward force to the powder and press it into the desired shape.

At Gasbarre Products Inc., we develop standard and custom powder compacting and sizing presses built to last. We are a full-service original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specializing in full process integration and tailored solutions. We always consider our customers’ individualized application needs before determining how to incorporate their equipment into their entire process.

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Our Powder Compaction Presses

We offer a full range of industrial metal presses designed to take on a full range of applications.  Gasbarre’s quality system is ISO 9001:2015 certified, which means that you can trust that we provide the highest quality design, manufacture, rebuilding and servicing solutions.

Mechanical Presses

Mechanical metal presses are commonly used for technical ceramics production but are well suited for other industrial applications. Our mechanical presses can handle capacities ranging from 5 to 800 tons and can manage simple to complex multiple-level components. 

We carry various product lines, including:

Performance Series: This collection includes affordable solutions for single- and multi-level parts.

Die Set Series: This product line accommodates multi-level parts and removable die set applications.

Multi-Action Series: This series includes state-of-the-art technology for complex multi-level components.

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Gasbarre also offers PTX powder compaction presses, including high-speed anvil-type presses and high-precision opposed ram-type presses specialized for hard metals, polymers, glass, ceramics and more. 

Hydraulic Presses

Our hydraulic powder press machines come manufactured in capabilities ranging from 15 to 1,200 tons for single- or multi-level parts. Hydraulic presses are suitable for carbides, powder metals, ceramics, polymers and other particulate material industries.

When you choose Gasbarre for hydraulic powder compaction presses, you’ll experience simple setup, precise production and maximum uptime. Our industrial press solutions come with numerous innovative components, optimizing them for high performance and accuracy.

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Electric Presses

Gasbarre electric presses offer precise powder compaction for numerous geometries. These machines comprise various parts designed for maximum accuracy and repeatability, with features like high-efficiency drives and freely programmable axes for complete compaction cycle control, including die filling, die motion, upper punch motion and ejection cycle.

These products include:

-Closed-loop controls

-Rigid side plate frame

-Removable die set assembly

-Automatic die filling system

-HMI-based control system

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Isostatic  Presses

Our SIMAC product line includes dry bag cold isostatic press technology available in single- and multi-cavity models. These isostatic presses allow users to manufacture uniform density components using a dry bag design that makes powder filling, compaction and ejection simpler and more efficient. 

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Sizing/Coining Presses

We produce standard and custom-fit sizing and coining presses fully automated for high-speed applications. Our powder metal presses come in two styles:

Inclined automatic sizing press: This model offers a fast die-in-the-head design for components requiring minimal orientation.

Upright automatic sizing press: This machine is a dial index unit with a ratchet-type rotary feed indexing system for complex part orientation.

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Auxiliary Equipment

Gasbarre offers a full line of press products specifically designed to help customers get more out of their equipment.

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Invest in Custom Powder Metal Presses From Gasbarre Today

For powder compaction presses you can trust, choose Gasbarre. Unlike other OEMs, we design our powder metallurgy solutions for the life of the equipment rather than phasing out products and forcing customers into purchasing the latest technologies. Our products deliver up to 50 years of reliable service.

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A brief overview of the many ways that multi-material / multi-layer compaction has been used to produce high quality parts in a variety of industries and applications. For those that are thinking of expanding their markets, or wondering if this is even possible for them, Mark Thomason will share his substantial experience and answer questions.

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