The Gasbarre electric press provides precise compaction of powder into a wide variety of geometries. High-efficiency and high-precision drives control the motion of the upper ram, die plate and automatic die filling systems. Each axis of the press is freely programmable for complete control of the compaction cycle, die filling, upper punch motion/compaction, die motion and ejection cycle. Movement of the press axes is performed by closed-loop control. Extreme precision and repeatability are the results.

What Are Electric Presses?

Electric powder presses are servo-powered equipment designed for compressing materials under high pressures. Because of their servo motors, these machines can control the output shaft’s positioning and speed rather than maintaining a fixed press cycle speed. Electric metal presses also use a closed looping feedback system to enable more precise cycle rate and load regulation and can perform all of the following functions:

How Do Electric Powder Presses Work?

Like most presses, electric powder compaction presses operate by pressing a die or plate against a material using high pressures to deform it. Servo presses locate and deliver the product by pushing the upper or lower die or plate onto the piece using primarily hydraulic pressure.

Our Servo-Electric Powder Presses

You can experience precise and accurate material formation with electric powder presses from Gasbarre. Our robust and reliable machines deliver countless functions that will serve your company for decades. 

As a full-service international original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that customers trust, we always stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements — so purchasing products through us means investing in modern, top-of-the-line equipment for your company.


Our electric metal presses exhibit closed-loop control for improved stability, strength and repeatability. These three key features include:

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Gasbarre electric presses are equipped with rigid side plate frames optimized for durability and dependability with all of the following features:


Servo-electric powder presses from Gasbarre have innovative die set assemblies designed for converting raw sheet materials into various metal components. These removable assemblies comprise numerous moving parts:


Die filling is when a press’s feed shoe discharges a powder and drops it into the die cavity. Our electric presses feature automatic die filling systems that promote more efficient and consistent operation and subsequently more predictable powder behavior.


Our presses come with a user-friendly Human-Machine Interface (HMI) control system that uses graphic metrics to replace manually activated controls, enabling operators to interact with and adjust control processes to streamline industrial applications.

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Our Custom Electric Metal Press Capabilities

Our next-level fabrication capabilities allow us to offer electric press customization services to deliver solutions individualized to our customers’ needs. When you come to Gasbarre for custom presses, we’ll take the time to learn about your unique goals and objectives and determine the most efficient way to integrate our machines into your company’s processes. Then, we’ll use our expert fabrication skills to create your specialized system.

Advantages of Electric Powder Compaction Presses

When you invest in electric servo presses for your facility, you’ll experience all of the following benefits for your company:

Why Choose Gasbarre for Electric Powder Presses?

Gasbarre has delivered high-quality manufacturing equipment to industrial companies worldwide since founding our family-owned business in 1973. We care about our customers — that’s why we never discontinue equipment services to force individuals into buying our latest solutions. Rather, we service our machines to maximize service life.

Our team is dedicated to prioritizing our customers, meaning we’ll go above and beyond to serve you on weekends and holidays if necessary.

Let Gasbarre become your trusted partner. Contact us for a quote today.

You can secure high-performing servo-electric powder presses for your facility at Gasbarre. With over 45 years of industry experience, we’re the OEMs you can rely on.

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