Gasbarre Products Inc. offers two styles of sizing presses to meet the needs of a wide range of parts. Inclined Automatic Sizing Presses and Upright Automatic Sizing Presses.

Inclined Automatic Sizing Press

• “Die in the Head” design is for maximum speed.
• Bearings and structural parts requiring little or no orientation are typical parts run on this style of press.
• Swing-Type Automatic Feeder Arm is adjustable and can be used with a   multitude of parts. It comes standard with the press.
• Lower Snag Pin System is used with each stroke to position the part.
• Ejection is accomplished by means of an adjustable knockout bar system located in the top ram.

Upright Automatic Sizing Press with Dial Index Part Feed System

• Dial Index Unit is standard. This is a ratchet-type rotary feed indexing system, used for many complex parts that require orientation into the die.
• Index wheel with configured pockets.
• Index wheel with gripper system for parts with no distinctive O.D.characteristics.
• Ejection is performed by cam/lift arm system, pushing each  part out of the die.
• Automated Parts Feed Systems to the index wheel are available.
• Dial index unit can be removed for hand sizing. 

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