Our cnc hydraulic presses are manufactured in capacities from 15 tons to 1,200 tons for single-level or multi-level parts for carbides, ceramics, powder metals, polymers and other particulate material industries. Gasbarre’s computer numerical control (CNC) hydraulic presses are optimized for reliable and lasting service with numerous innovative features and application capabilities.

What Are Servo Hydraulic Presses?

Hydraulic presses use hydraulic cylinders to produce a compressive force that aids in lifting and condensing large items. This equipment is optimized to perform various actions, including stamping, molding, punching, forging, clinching, metal and rubber formation, and powder compacting. 

CNC hydraulic presses play a role in numerous industrial applications, such as ceramics, car parts, aircraft, appliance and electrical component manufacturing.

How Do Hydraulic Presses Work?

Hydraulic presses operate on the principle of Pascal’s Law, which states that when pressure is applied to a confined fluid, it transmits that force across the entire solution, resulting in the same pressure change throughout. 

These machines are powered by manual, electric or pneumatic pumps and generate a fixed pressure that expands the cylinders. Hydraulic presses comprise two fluid-filled cylinders — a large one, known as the ram, and a small one, known as the plunger. The press operates by exerting force onto the plunger, which reacts by pressing the fluid beneath it. Then, the pressure evenly distributes and raises the ram. Once the pressure is dispersed between both cylinders, they work to condense the item placed between them.

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At Gasbarre, we manufacture a comprehensive variety of high-quality servo hydraulic presses while delivering expert support and unmatched services. All of our products are equipped with numerous top-of-the-line features and components that maximize performance and minimize downtime, including:

Gasbarre’s Presslog CNC Control System allows easy operation and operation utilizing a touchscreen HMI for parameter setting and storage, and remote diagnostics by Gasbarre’s application experts.

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Benefits of Using Hydraulic Presses

Using servo hydraulic presses in your automotive manufacturing facility means experiencing all the benefits of these powerful and reliable machines, including:

Why Choose Gasbarre for CNC Hydraulic Presses?

Our family-owned business has provided auto manufacturers with reliable powder compaction solutions, thermal processing systems and manufacturing technologies since our establishment in 1973. We set ourselves apart by servicing machines for the life of the equipment, maintaining our products without pushing customers into purchasing our newest solutions by discontinuing our old ones. When you choose Gasbarre for hydraulic presses, we’ll deliver the assistance you need, no matter the day.

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If you’re looking for durable and dependable powder metal hydraulic presses for your facility, Gasbarre has the specialized solutions you need. As your one-stop shop for presses, furnaces, tooling and other manufacturing equipment, we offer a complete range of products and services that will be sure to serve you.

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