Continuous Vacuum

The CI Hayes VBQ Vacuum Furnace is part of the modular furnace family designed for heat treating and or carburizing applications.  It typically combines a vacuum heating chamber with an oil quench or gas quench chamber.  It is unique for a vacuum furnace in that the heat chamber is designed to be exposed to air at elevated temperatures.  It uses ceramic insulation, ceramic heating elements, and a high nickel alloy hearth assembly that is resistive to oxidation.  Once work is loaded, the heat chamber is immediately evacuated such that the work does not oxidize as it begins to heat.

The VBQ heat chamber may be used for processes to 2000F including carburizing and hardening.  It may also act as a preheat chamber, preceding and be combined with a graphite chamber (separated by a vacuum door) for higher purity and/or higher temperature applications.

Metallurgical Processes

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