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What are Post Additive Manufacturing Processes?

There are many types of additive manufacturing or 3D printing processes.  Most common requiring thermal processing are “Direct-Metal Laser Sintered Processing” (DMLS) and “Binder-Jet Processing” (BJP).  DMLS uses either laser, heat, or electron beam to melt and fuse the material together to form a three dimensional object.  BJP utilizes a binding liquid to join powder material together.  Common post processes include annealing, sintering, atmosphere, and vacuum heat treating.

Gasbarre specializes in the design and manufacture of custom-engineered annealing furnaces specific to the thermal processing industry.

Gasbarre furnaces are:

Gasbarre’s complete line of Additive Manufacturing Furnaces is listed below.

Additive Manufacturing

by Mark Saline

Metal additive manufacturing or metal 3D printing are terms that everyone in the metal-processing industry is seeking to understand. The “what” and the “how” are becoming clearer every day. However, new advancements seem to occur almost daily with no real end in sight. Click here to read more.

Continuous Mesh Belt

Gasbarre is a leading manufacturer of Continuous Mesh Belt Furnaces, and will custom-design to your specifications.

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Pusher – High Temperature

Sinterite Pusher Furnaces are designed for high temperature sintering from 1200-3000°F.

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Modular Vacuum

Expandability and versatility make this furnace an attractive selection for many thermal processing needs with growth in mind.

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Vacuum Batch

Designed for many thermal processes,the electrically heated batch vacuum furnace is available in a multitude of configurations.

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Continuous Vacuum – Multizone

A multizone continuous vacuum, this C.I. Hayes furnace consists of 3 modular chambers:  load/evacuation, heating, and quench.

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