Continuous Atmosphere

Meet the Solitaire.  This CI Hayes conveyor belt furnace received its name for its compact design and for its popularity for brazing and bright annealing of jewelry pieces.  The Solitaire is typically manufactured and shipped as a single piece, fully assembled, with single point connections for power, water, and atmosphere.  Installation couldn’t be much simpler.  It can even be equipped with an integral ADL atmosphere generator that would be positioned beneath the main furnace heating chamber.

Typically provided with a 6” wide wire mesh belt, the Solitaire can be supplied for operation to 1800°F or to 2100°F and with heated lengths to 72”.  Though compact, the Solitaire is a workhorse.  Belt loading is variable dependent upon production requirements with 6 lbs per square foot as standard.

Furnace Design

The Solitaire furnace is engineered with process and maintenance considerations in mind.  Great uniformity is achieved across the belt by a robust brick/ block insulation package (high heat storage) and a set of elements that are positioned on all four sides of the heating chamber.  A metallic muffle extends through the heating chamber which further enhances temperature uniformity across the belt.  Consumables are designed for dependability and a long service life.  Heating elements may be replaced without unpacking the furnace and the muffle/cooling sections may be replaced with minimal downtime.

Optionally, the furnace may be equipped with an integral ADL ammonia dissociator that would be positioned beneath the main furnace heating chamber.  Built on casters, it too is designed for ease of maintenance.

Metallurgical Processes

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