At Gasbarre, we create top-of-the-line vacuum heat treat ovens that set the standard for quality and reliability. We service our products for the life of the equipment, meaning we’ll never phase out old machines to get you to purchase new ones. With over 45 years of dedicated service, we’re the international full-service original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) you can trust.

What Are Vacuum Furnaces?

Vacuum furnaces use high temperatures to perform heating processes with minimal contamination and maximum consistency. These ovens contain a built-in vacuum that surrounds the materials being heated. The vacuum eliminates the presence of air and gases, preventing oxidation and heat transfer through convection and removing sources of contamination.

There are two primary types of vacuum furnaces, each with its own specialized functions:

Our Vacuum Heat Treat Ovens

At Gasbarre, we carry a comprehensive line of vacuum quenching furnaces equipped to take on numerous metallurgical processes across various applications. Our selection of vacuum furnace products includes:

Our Custom Vacuum Furnace Fabrication Capabilities

Gasbarre has advanced fabrication capabilities that allow us to design and develop customized vacuum quenching furnaces and other manufacturing equipment for our customers, delivering solutions individually geared toward their needs. Through our custom construction services, we’ll learn about your company’s goals and objectives and create a product that will support your facility’s entire process.

Invest in High-Quality Vacuum Furnaces at Gasbarre Today

You can purchase powerful and innovative vacuum heat treat ovens for your industrial organization at Gasbarre. We are your one-stop shop for full process integration solutions.

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