Click on the video to view Gasbarre’s state of the art isostatic press. Featuring a fully automatic ‘lights out’ cycle to mass produce rods, tubes and balls.

Key Features:

Fast Cycle Rate: 48 Second Cycle
– Almost 2X faster than previous models
Dry Bag CIP Design
– Simplifies the cycle and allows for clean changeover
Versatile Tool Envelop
– Allows for fill diameter up to 50mm and length up to 500mm
Electronic Powder Weighing System
– Accurate to 0.01g
Part Weighing: +/- 0.01g
Intuitive HMI
– Creates an easy platform for new part development and quick changeover
– Maintenance alerts, alarms and production tracking/tracing

Whether for laboratory or production, Gasbarre’s SIMAC product line fits your needs by offering uniquely configures presses to produce uniform density components. The dry bag design simplifies powder filling, compaction, and ejection and is more efficient allowing for quick changeover of application tools.

SIMAC presses include a tool mounting system that allows for a wide range of parts to be produced in the same machine. Dual inner bag configuration allows simple tool changeover.

E-Mail [email protected] or call 814-371-3015 to learn more.

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