The day you buy a piece of equipment is just the first day of a long relationship with the manufacturer. Manufacturers push their equipment to its limits to maximize its technical capabilities and improve volume output. Because of this, every press or furnace fails eventually – and it’s never at a “good” time. The only question that matters at that point in time is who you have in your corner fighting for you. Gasbarre customers know that when a “down” situation occurs, Gasbarre will be there for them. No questions. No hesitation. Just results.

gasbarre bright annealing furnace

Commitment to Customer Success

Our customer has a need to bright anneal stainless steel tubes. They were struggling to achieve the desired properties , which caused oxidation forcing them to add operations and cost.  The furnace that was being used for the process was an existing furnace, which was installed prior to their current need to bright anneal stainless steel tubes. In turn, the engineers had to continuously make changes to the furnace in an attempt to correct the situation. They had no success and an unpredictable process. 

Gasbarre was contacted for help. After a visit to their plant and some additional feedback at no cost to the customer, Gasbarre’s metallurgists gave the customer a vision of a Gasbarre solution that would convert their existing furnace to a ‘Gasbarre Bright Annealing Furnace’. The vision made some departments excited but others were skeptical, thinking this was not possible. Ultimately, the decision was made to take the leap in an effort to best serve their end users. Gasbarre was able to turnaround the furnace conversion from design through implementation in 16 weeks. Once the work was completed, we had a bright annealed product! The customer couldn’t believe the quality and one person made the statement that Gasbarre performed a miracle.

With products that range from batch furnaces to continuous belt furnaces, pusher furnaces, vacuum furnaces, humpback furnaces, and much more, Gasbarre can solve any application challenge with the expertise and passion needed to drive your success. Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of precision-controlled nitriding equipment specific to the thermal processing industry.

Our equipment is designed to meet strict automotive and aerospace quality requirements including CQI-9 and AMS 2750; we are also ISO 17025 accredited.

Please give us a call if you would like to learn more about where we are going. Call (734.656.2000) or email ( [email protected] ) us today!

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