If you are currently processing or thinking about processing the following, Gasbarre has a solution for you!

Gasbarre’s Pusher Furnace is designed for high temperature applications, including sintering of powder metal parts typically between 2100°F – 3000°F (1149°C – 1650°C). The benefits of liquid phase sintering, as well as producing metallurgical structures associated with the final stage of sintering, are realized. The sintered product gains improved mechanical and physical properties, such as ductility, impact, toughness and strength.
Parts, placed on saggers or in boats, are indexed through the furnace by a proven and reliable pusher mechanism positioned at the front of the furnace. The saggers or boats are typically pushed in trainlike fashion through the various sections of the furnace including preheat, high heat and cooling sections. Often, a return conveyance system is provided to return parts to the loading end and/or to stage parts prior to processing.

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