What if you had a press or furnace that ran 24/7/365?  No more breaks, no more injuries, no more work stoppage because someone is sick or quit.  The time is NOW!  Don’t wait to improve throughput, decrease costs, increase revenue all the while reducing injuries and risks! 

IT’S A FACT! Achieving higher throughput with relatively lower costs is the #1 differentiator between successful and unsuccessful manufacturing companies.

THE CHALLENGE! Finding and retaining workers for repetitive tasks is very difficult, especially when establishing and maintaining off-shifts where throughput gains can be significant, driving up direct costs and making throughput gains unpredictable.

THE SOLUTION IS AUTOMATION! Automation allows throughput increases while decreasing direct costs– doing so in a stable and predictable manner.

WORRIED ABOUT THE COST OR COMPLEXITY OF AUTOMATION? Don’t! Gasbarre provides an easy-to-understand scope of work, guaranteed results, employee training, and local rapid-response service. Automation is no longer limited to large companies with expensive specialized employees.


FURNACE LOAD OR UNLOAD PACKAGELoad $69,000 / Unload $79,000


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