Welcome to Gasbarre Manufacturing Technologies your turnkey supplier for contract manufacturing! From design through machining, from fabrication to assembly, there is something for everyone at Gasbarre. With experts in Mechanical, Hydraulic and Electrical disciplines your project is done right every time!

Gasbarre’s expertise in design, engineering, machining, fabrication, and assembly has been earned over nearly 50 years in business. Our engineers, technicians, and assemblers have extensive experience in mechanical, electrical and hydraulic applications, providing the breadth and depth of experience to support most any requirement.

Gasbarre Products, Inc. strives to conduct business with a total commitment to the customer’s requirements. Quality is defined as conformance to the customer’s needs, as well as stringent internal guidelines. For over 45 years, Gasbarre’s customers have benefitted from the commitment and dedication to service and support. Service is available around the clock via our 24-hour service line, 814.590.8272

Please give us a call if you would like to learn more about where we are going. Call (814.371.3015) or email ([email protected]) us today!

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