Gasbarre isostatic presses are optimized for reliable cold dry bag isostatic pressing. Cold isostatic pressing involves the compaction of powders encased in elastomer molds. 

Through this process, the mold is placed into a pressure chamber and filled with a room-temperature liquid before the press applies the pressure from all sides, condensing the metal powder. As a result, the powder particles mechanically bond to each other, creating a solid green body. Finally, the liquid is removed and the container expands to its original form so that the product can be retrieved.


There are two types of presses used for cold dry bag isostatic pressing — monostatic isostatic presses with single-cavity structures and densomatic isostatic presses with multi-cavity designs.

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An extremely versatile isostatic dry bag pressing system with:

An automatic powder dosing system

Fully automatic part movement

Full array of secondary operations

Indexing green forming grinder system

Preform end drilling station

Chamfering system

Sagger loading indexing conveyor

Servo-electric operation – no hydraulics!


Can produce thousands of DIFFERENT parts for end customer

Full shift / lights out automatic operation

Powder to sagger without human intervention

Semi- or full- automatic modes

1,500 parts per shift

Visual/audible alarms for press trouble or full conveyor



Robots are present for each part one time, then the recipe is saved (simple number from 1-255). When that part’s recipe is selected, the PLC sends the recipe number to the robots to provide the correct part handling instructions.

Robot Functions

Robot 1, LR Mate 200iD/7L: Cleaning (every X cycles)

Robot 2, LR Mate 200iD/7L: Remove from Press and pass to grinder/secondary

Robot 3, LR Mate 200iD/7L with through-arm vision: Remove from Secondary and load saggers.

The rigorous demands of powder compaction require the right product. Gasbarre offers a complete line of compaction presses and tooling for use in powder compaction applications.

As a FANUC and Universal Robots Authorized Systems Integrator, Gasbarre has the right experience for the job. Our engineers will review the job scope and key needs and design the best-fit solution.

By automating a facility, a shop can increase production, reduce cycle times, improve quality, reduce manufacturing lead times, create a safer workplace, and become more competitive. Automation will create new opportunities for employees that want to advance and learn new technologies all the while helping the facility become more effective and efficient. 

So, why is automation right for you?


Achieving higher throughput with relatively lower costs is the #1 differentiator between successful and unsuccessful manufacturing companies


Finding and retaining workers for repetitive tasks is very difficult, especially when establishing and maintaining off-shifts where throughput gains can be significant, driving up direct costs and making throughput gains unpredictable


Automation allows throughput increases while decreasing direct costs– doing so in a stable and predictable manner


Don’t! Gasbarre provides an easy-to-understand scope of work, guaranteed results, employee training, and local rapid-response service. Automation is no longer limited to large companies with expensive specialized employees.

Gasbarre Products is proud to be a Certified Fanuc Integrator, offering a full service automation program. From robotics to vision systems, conveyors to feeders,

Want to find out more? Call (814.371.3015) or email ([email protected]) us today!

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