Ceramics 2022 is live in Cleveland, Ohio! Gasbarre is looking forward to another great experience showcasing their product lines that create a “One Stop Shop” for all things related to ceramic processing.


Here are some of the Gasbarre pieces of equipment featured in Cleveland:

CNC Powder Compaction Presses – Gasbarre CNC Presses provide precise compaction of powder into a wide variety of geometries. High-efficiency and high-precision drives control the motion of the upper ram, die plate, and automatic die filling systems. Each axis of the press is freely programmable for complete control of the compaction cycle: die filling, upper punch motion/compaction, die motion, and ejection cycle. Movement of the press axes are performed by closed-loop control. Extreme precision and repeatability are the result.

Dry Bag Cold Isostatic Presses – Gasbarre isostatic presses are optimized for reliable cold dry bag isostatic pressing. Cold isostatic pressing involves the compaction of powders encased in elastomer molds. Through this process, the mold is placed into a pressure chamber and filled with a room-temperature liquid before the press applies the pressure from all sides, condensing the metal powder. As a result, the powder particles mechanically bond to each other, creating a solid green body. Finally, the liquid is removed and the container expands to its original form so that the product can be retrieved.

Sintering Furnace Line – Gasbarre’s sintering furnace line is unmatched in its ability to provide a solution to any sintering application. With the Sinterite and CI Hayes models, Gasbarre uses its extensive metallurgical knowledge to help you with your product development or manufacturing improvements. Click on the link below to learn how our Mesh Belt, High-Temp Pusher, or Continuous Vacuum Furnaces can fit your specific application.

Precision Tooling – Gasbarre’s experienced design department has been developing powder compaction tools for decades. Although Gasbarre is a powder compaction press OEM, our Precision Tooling will be designed to fit any press make. Our design and capabilities range from 2 ton up to 1650 ton parts. Gasbarre is open to assist with design concepts and collaborate with you from start to finish, either face-to-face or via on-line conference.

Automation – Technology to fully integrate automation into your new or existing machine controls. No other automation company can provide our level of expertise!

Want to find out more about Gasbarre and our products and services? Call (814.371.3015) or email ([email protected]) us today!

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