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Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems is proud to say that this complete Nitriding system is engineered, manufactured, and serviced out of our United States locations solidifying our position as a leader in equipment for the nitriding and FNC process. This newly designed precision gas nitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing furnace utilizes controls for automatic KN and KC control to AMS 2759/10 & 2759/12 specifications. The furnace is designed to meet AMS 2750 as a Class 2 furnace, which allows it to be used to perform nitrogen tempering and stress relieving processes. For cycle time improvements and consistent process control the furnace is equipped with a vacuum pump for purging processes, pre- and post-oxidation capabilities, and accelerated air and atmosphere cooling systems. It is capable of processing workloads up to 48” wide by 72” long by 40” high and weigh up to 7,000 pounds.


Heating: Natural Gas
Temperature Range: 350°F – 1300°F
Retort: 330 stainless steel
Insulation: Ceramic fiber
Processes: Nitriding, nitrocarburizing,
tempering, stress relieving
Atmospheres: Ammonia, dissociated ammonia,
nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air, water

Key Features

• AMS 2750F compliant temperature uniformity
• Meets AMS 2759/10 and 2759/12 requirements
• Atmosphere analyzer for automatic KN and KC control
• Pre- and post-oxidation control
• Ammonia dissociator for zero white layer control
• Rapid cooling system to reduce cooling time
• Vacuum pump for rapid chamber evacuation
• Hydraulic door clamping system
• Electronic process gas flow control
• Internal retort fan and inner baffle for atmosphere
• recirculation
• SuperSytems, Inc. control package
• Optional furnace loader available

With products that range from batch furnaces to continuous belt furnaces, pusher furnaces, vacuum furnaces, humpback furnaces, and much more, Gasbarre can solve any application challenge with the expertise and passion needed to drive your success. Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of precision controlled nitriding equipment specific to the thermal processing industry.

Our equipment is designed to meet strict automotive and aerospace quality requirements including CQI-9 and AMS 2750; we are also ISO 17025 accredited.

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