What is Glass-to-Metal Sealing?

Glass-to-Metal Sealing is a process designed to produce a hermetic (airtight/vacuum-tight) seal between components by thermal processing in an atmosphere conducive to creating an oxide layer on the metal surface. This chemical interaction produces a strong bond with the (molten) glass than can exist by purely mechanical means. Two types of seals are common: compression seals, in which the outer member has the highest expansion factor and the inner components have a slightly lower expansion factor, or match seals, where all components have somewhat similar expansion factors.*

Gasbarre specializes in the design and manufacture of custom-engineered glass-to-metal sealing furnaces specific to the thermal processing industry.

Gasbarre furnaces are:

Gasbarre’s complete line of Glass-to-Metal Furnaces is listed below.

Continuous Mesh Belt

Gasbarre is a leading manufacturer of Continuous Mesh Belt Furnaces, and will custom-design to your particular specifications.

View Mesh Belt Furnaces

Continuous Mesh Belt – Solitaire

This C.I. Hayes furnace is known for its compact design and for its popularity for brazing and bright annealing of jewelry pieces. 

View Solitaire Furnaces

*Source: Daniel H. Herring, “The Heat Treat Doctor.” The HERRING GROUP, Inc.

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