Does your product volume and process lend itself better to continuous processing? Great! Gasbarre has technically advanced continuous vacuum furnace technology that can fit your application.

According to market experts, the market for vacuum furnaces will grow 20% in the next 6 years. There are many key advantages relevant to today’s economy.

Gasbarre’s 4 E’s (the key advantages):

Our CI Hayes Series vacuum furnace is unique in that it simulates the philosophy of an atmosphere conveyor belt furnace or a hydrogen pusher furnace. Workloads are essentially conveyed through a multi-zone heating chamber under vacuum so there is no atmosphere to control. The heating chamber is isolated from the loading and quenching chambers by vacuum or pressure doors. The heating chamber therefore remains extremely pure, under vacuum and at temperature, not exposed to room air unless maintenance is required. Isolation from room air and humidity and coupled with the fact that the heat chamber is not thermally cycled, this results in lower maintenance and long life of the heat chamber components.

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