With Gasbarre’s extensive experience cutting edge software solutions along with a partnership with FANUC we can 3D simulate just about any concept to assure we are going to provide the right solution for the job before we even start to build! 


This is a Gasbarre Upright Sizing Press with FANUC automated loading and unloading. Our team created this simulation using state of the art software to help our customer see the whole process.  This simulation shows that the vibratory table feeds parts to a FANUC robot.  There is a camera that locates those parts and orients them prior to the FANUC SCARA picking them and placing them on a walking beam.  The walking beam will simultaneously load and unload parts in the press.

This automation can be purchased with a new press or added to an existing press. Many times, when sizing a part like this the user will run it in single cycle with an operator loading and unloading each part between cycles because the part needs oriented. By automated this process we increase the throughput substantially and ultimately increase revenue, decrease overhead expense and improve safety along the way. 

So, why is Gasbarre Automation right for you?


Achieving higher throughput with relatively lower costs is the #1 differentiator between successful and unsuccessful manufacturing companies


Finding and retaining workers for repetitive tasks is very difficult, especially when establishing and maintaining off-shifts where throughput gains can be significant, driving up direct costs and making throughput gains unpredictable


Automation allows throughput increases while decreasing direct costs– doing so in a stable and predictable manner


Don’t! Gasbarre provides an easy-to-understand scope of work, guaranteed results, employee training, and local rapid-response service. Automation is no longer limited to large companies with expensive specialized employees.

Gasbarre Products is proud to be a Certified Fanuc Integrator, offering a full service automation program. From robotics to vision systems, conveyors to feeders,

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