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Powder compaction is the process of compressing metal powder in a die by applying high pressures. This compression molding technique typically involves using a press to condense the powder into complex shapes from powder compounds like metallic, composite and ceramic to create functional and structurally sound metal parts.

Powder Compaction Solutions

Thermal processing is the act of altering a material's temperature to change its state in some way. This process is typically used for processing metals and building materials for industries like automotive, aerospace, medical and other markets.

Thermal Processing Systems

We are proud of our ability to interpret a project, design a solution and deliver a product exceeding customer expectations. We use these skills to create custom manufacturing technologies for customers from any industry, from mining to wind to solar to health care.

Manufacturing Technologies
At Gasbarre Products Inc., we specialize in providing customers with high-quality equipment and services optimized for any powder compaction or thermal processing application. We are a full-service original equipment manufacturer (OEM) dedicated to quality and full process integration — that's why we custom tailor all of our powder metallurgy solutions to our customers' individualized needs.


Custom Designed Machinery

Founded in 1973, Gasbarre has earned a worldwide reputation as a full-service international OEM offering industry best equipment and services for all applications related to powder compaction and thermal processing. No matter what your challenge is, we can supply the best technically engineered solution for your specific needs!

Exceeding Expectations

We pride ourselves on our abilities to interpret a project, design a solution, and deliver a product that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Recorded Live September 15th, 2020

An Introduction to Nitriding Processes and Equipment

Learn about a process that continues to grow in popularity across industries. Gasbarre has various types of equipment available for the Nitriding and FNC processes with industry leaders and engineers to help you explore new business.

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Recorded Live July 8th, 2020

Gasbarre Multi Layer Compaction

A brief overview of the many ways that multi-material / multi-layer compaction has been used to produce high quality parts in a variety of industries and applications. For those that are thinking of expanding their markets, or wondering if this is even possible for them, Mark Thomason will share his substantial experience and answer questions.

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Recorded Live June 5th, 2020

Modular Vacuum Furnaces For an Ever Changing World

Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems’s very own specialist Patrick Weymer invites you to the discussion, “Modular Vacuum Furnace for an Every Changing World”.

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“I wanted to take the time to acknowledge how impressed with and thankful we are regarding Sinterite performance in terms of cost, communications, expedience, and diligence due in large part to your own personal involvement. Please express our gratitude and appreciation to the Sinterite team (this level of performance makes a tremendous difference to customers and to those with whom they choose to do business with).” - Tim Payne - Plant Manager - Ace Manufacturing & Rokwell Industries

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