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Powder compaction: Shown is a Gasbarre mechanical powder compaction press. This is a 100 Ton Die Set Series Press that is pressing iron alloy powder into automotive shock absorber components. This technology is widely used for the production of a variety of compacted powder components.

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Gasbarre Products, Inc. is an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of capital equipment and related services. We focus on primary process equipment for powder metallurgy, particulate materials and thermal processing industries worldwide. No matter what your challenging opportunity may be, we can supply the best technically engineered solution for your specific needs!


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Gasbarre Press Group Acquires Hyundai-Wia KBN-135

Recently added to our Press Group’s equipment technology is Hyundai-Wia KBN-135 CNC Boring Mill. This machine will take the place of one of our manual boring mills for improved accuracy and time efficiency. The table travel will increase our capabilities allowing for larger components being manufacturing and controlled in our facility.


Major Gauge & Tool Acquires Mitsubishi Wire EDM

Recently added to Major Gauge & Tool’s equipment technology is Mitsubishi’s MV-2400S Wire EDM. The machine is fully equipped with advanced and/or improved features such as automatic wire threading, improved machine accuracy with servo amplified linear shaft motors, faster machine speed allowing reduction in process times, easier operator interface allowing insertion of emergency type jobs versus having to wait for the current job to complete, and energy saving features that reduces overall running costs.  The machine has been in operation since September 15.


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590 Division Street, P.O. Box 1022

DuBois, Pennsylvania 15801