Gasbarre Hydraulic Compacting Presses are manufactured from 15 to 1200 tons for compacting single or multi-level parts for carbides, ceramics, plastics, powdered metals, and other particulate materials. Gasbarre Hydraulic Press designs offer opposed ram, withdrawal (plate float) or the combination.


New, state-of-the-art CNC Closed Loop Systems utilizing hydraulic servo-controllers, encoders, load cells, and touch-screen monitor provides superior press positioning accuracy, speed control, recipe memory setup, and repeatability to ensure consistent, high-quality production.


Standard on all Gasbarre Hydraulic Presses

Choice of Opposed Ram, Withdrawal, or Combination
Closed-loop CNC Servo-controlled
Touch Screen Operator Interface
Touch Screen Help Display
Top Punch Hold Down Height/Pressure
Upper Punch Load Cell (Force Control)
Platen encoders (Scales)
Pneumatic Filler Shoe Hold Down System
Phone Modem Connection (Remote Programming/Diagnostics)
High Pressure/Low Pressure/Pilot Pressure Pump Systems
Stationary Core Rod


Operation Selections

Gravity or Suction Die Fill
Die Under fill
Die Overfill
Die Overfill/Under fill Combination
Manual Fill Auto Press
Feed Shoe Hesitate
Die Ejection Mode Program Withdraw/Retract/Simultaneous
Automatic Powder Fill Adjustment
Part Balance System (Controlled Front to Back Die Filling)
Press to a Force (Pressure) or To a Height (Position)


Available Options

Core Rod Cylinder
Core Rod Pressure Reducing
Dual Upper Punch System
Dual Lower Punch System
Three Lower Punch System
Sliders for Secondary Punch Systems Include Pre-Lift Cylinders
Three Upper Punch System

Four Lower Punch System



Gasbarre Hydraulic Press offers a complete range of services for Gasbarre presses, as well as those produced by other manufacturers.


Remanufacturing  |  Our thorough remanufacturing process reuses only the frame and die set, adding state-of-the-art computers and electronic hydraulic systems to provide reliability, precision, self-diagnostics, and rapid setup.


Rebuilding  |  Our rebuild team can disassemble and clean your press unit, evaluate wear surfaces, check for structural damage, remanufacture components, and fit them to the press.


Both processes are followed by a thorough, quality check to ensure that the machine performs to your specifications.


We also offer upgrades and retrofits to add capability, increase reliability, improve overall controls, extend guarding, or make setup easier. Rebuild, upgrade, and retrofit services are completed quickly to return your press to productive service as soon as possible.


Gasbarre 30 Ton CNC Servo-Hydraulic

Powder Compaction Press

Gasbarre 400 Ton CNC Hydraulic Series

Powder Compaction Press - Short Fill



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