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Gasbarre Products, Inc. manufactures and designs capital and auxiliary equipment for the powder compaction industry, as well as full rebuild services.



Standard Series Presses

The Gasbarre Standard Series Press features an economical design providing the capability to compact a wide range of parts - single level, two level, or even multiple level depending on tooling design and options used.


Standard Series Features:

Press design provides ease of setup and maintenance

Floating Die Table for split density

Four-Post die set design

Adjustable lower ram

Fill, ejection, and table float adjustments are gear driven

Replaceable die table

Ejection system is bottom punch push-up style

Shuttle-type filler shoe system

Stationary & floating core rod units take 50% of pressing tonnage

Forged, hardened and precision ground crankshafts

Adjustable top punch position

Mechanical variable speed drive train system

Many options are available




Die Set Series Presses

The Gasbarre Die Set Series Press offers a readily removable die set. All necessary press adjustments are "built-in" to each press and are infinitely adjustable throughout their given range, allowing for simplicity in die set and tool design. This press series includes the die set and can be purchased with either a single lower punch die or a two punch die set. 


Die Set Series Features:

Die set easily unlocks and slides out of the press
Single or dual punch die sets available
Floating die table for split density
Adjustable top punch position
Gear-driven adjustments for the fill, ejection and molding stops
Withdrawal ejection system
Adjustable Core Rod with molding stops are integrated into the press
Core Rod Mechanism takes 50% of pressing tonnage
Mechanical variable speed drive train system
Designed for ease of set-up and maintenance
Set-up simulator and other options are available


Performance Series Presses

Precision guidance, extended guarding and synchronized density rod adjustments all say "performance".
Guidance of the upper motion is achieved through the crosshead design. Precision ground Danly bushing on the upper and lower punch guidance, located very close to the die surface virtually eliminates transverse motion. Hardened and precision ground surfaces provide durability and reliability even in the presence of abrasive powders. The result is minimal tool wear, consistent press motion, and part-to-part repeatability.
One lower punch plus shelf-in-the-die, a core rod that takes 50% of pressing tonnage, and two upper punches provides the flexibility of simple-to-complex parts manufacturing. Precise density splits are achieved through the die table float.


Fill, ejection and upper punch positions are worm gear driven and control powder transfer. These can be motorized to save time and setup steps. Modular guarding provides physical barriers for operator safety, spacious enclosures for mounted hardware, easy access and maintenance. Lexan guards at the point-of-operation allow continuous inspection of the compacting process.


Many options are available, including Top Punch Hold Down to protect delicate or thin parts during ejection, dual upper punch system for more complex parts, and upfloat/downfloat core rod with spring or timed release reduce ejection stresses. An automatic greasing system can be added to deliver metered amounts of lubricant at programmed intervals, and computer control of the press can be achieved with Gasbarre’s Presslog controller. Ask about other options now available. 


Performance Series Features:

Improved Precision guidance
Extended Guarding
Density adjustment in upper ram
Floating die table
Suitable for single to multi-level part application
Crosshead design
50% of rated tonnage on the core rod
Adjustable die table float with over-travel mechanism
Fill, ejection and upper punch, worm gear adjustments control powder transfer
Lexan panels in the front guard assembly allow continuous inspection of the process 


Multi-Action Series Presses

The Gasbarre Multi-Action Series Mechanical Powder Compacting Press is unique in design utilizing state of the art technology for compacting complex, multilevel structural parts. This exclusive system offers both selective molding and ejection of the die platen and the #1 and #2 punch platens - eliminating the need for expensive bridging of tooling members. This allows greater tonnage to be placed in each punch due to decreased deflection. The #3 punch platen floats with a fixed molded position. 


Multi-Action Series Features:

• Three independent lower punch platens plus shelf in the die gives capability for more complex parts.
• Adjustable selective molding stops are on the die platen and the #1 and #2 punch platens.
• Adjustable selective ejection is on the die platen and the #1 and #2 punch platens.
• PressLog touch-screen display. Operators know the machine's status at a glance. Password security allows operator, supervisor and maintenance levels of access. Users can check fault logs, store virtually limitless production process information, and access on-line troubleshooting aids. PressLog retains a history of setups. Controls display metric or imperial units and are programmable for your language.
• Withdrawal ejection system incorporates synchronized dual cams and push rods.

Sizing/Coining Presses

Gasbarre Products Inc. offers two styles of sizing presses to meet the needs of a wide range of parts. Inclined Automatic Sizing Presses and Upright Automatic Sizing Presses.


Inclined Automatic Sizing Press
• "Die in the Head" design is for maximum speed.
• Bearings and structural parts requiring little or no orientation are  

  typical parts run on this style of press.
• Swing-Type Automatic Feeder Arm is adjustable and can be used with

  a multitude of parts. It comes as standard equipment with the press.
• Lower Snag Pin System is used with each stroke to position the part.
• Ejection is accomplished by means of an adjustable knockout bar

  system located in the top ram.





Upright Automatic Sizing Press with Dial Index Part Feed System
• Dial Index Unit is standard. This is a ratchet-type rotary feed

  indexing system, used for many complex parts that require

  orientation into the die.
• Index wheel with configured pockets.
• Index wheel with gripper system for parts with no distinctive O.D.  

• Ejection is performed by cam/lift arm system, pushing each

  part out of the die.
• Automated Parts Feed Systems to the index wheel are available.
• Dial index unit can be removed for hand sizing.